Find and fix ineffective meetings!

Ask your attendees for meeting effectiveness

Launch a feedback request for any meeting.
Aerotime keeps them anonymous to promote honest responses.

Step 1
Choose a meeting to initiate feedback loop

Only organizers can initiate feedback loop. Once initiated, all invitees get an email that asks for effectiveness feedback for that particular meeting.

Step 2
Invitees fill the feedback form

The feedback form takes 30 seconds to fill and is completely anonymous.

It asks if the meeting was best use of their time and if not, then we try to capture "why".

Aerotime waits for 7 days and sends reminders to fill the feedback form to all your invitees.

Step 3
Organizer gets feedback, anonymized.

Once Aerotime gets all responses or a minimum of 4 before the cut off time, it sends the report back to the organizer, with names completely anonymized.

Step 4
Take action based on the feedback

Once the organizer knows the key issues (if any), she knows exactly what to improve or discuss improvements to make meeting more effective.

Sometimes meetings are not needed and async works well, feedback loops can help you remove a meeting as well.