Group your meetings in one block, remove dead spaces between meetings.

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Introducing Flexible Meetings

What is it?

Certain meetings are important to be done the same day, but exact time doesn't matter.

We can move such meetings and group them. We call them Flexible Meetings.

What's needed from me?

You choose your flexible meetings that you're comfortable moving within the day.

Recurring team meetings & 1:1s are great candidates.

How does it work?

+10% whitespace

Aerotime will automatically move flexible meetings, if needed, to create uninterrupted whitespace in your calendar.

How do you handle invitees?

Availability for all your invitees is checked before moving. Everyone gets at-least a day's notice.

Meetings move only within the day.
"Busyness gives you myopia. If you’re not careful, you can keep prioritizing reactive work and meetings. Aerotime consistently reminds me to work on big problems by moving meetings around and creating chunks of focus time."
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Yamini Sharma, Jupiter

All logistics handled for meeting movement

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Invitee Availability

Aerotime will make sure your invitees are available at the new proposed time before moving the meeting.

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One Day Heads Up

The meetings move with at-least one day of heads up. Meetings for the same day will never move.

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Time Zone Handling

Aerotime will move meetings keeping your invitees time zone in mind

Common questions

1. Do you ask me before moving the meeting?
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You're in full control. Only meeting you mark as "Flexible" move to better time slots within the day. We only move meetings with members of your company, after checking their working hours and availability. Attendees gets at-least one day's notice.
2. Do you check attendees calendar before moving?
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Yes! We make sure all your attendees are available at the new time slot proposed and it is within their working hours.
3. How do you solve for meetings with external users?
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Aerotime doesn't move such meetings (where your attendees don't share the same domain).

As they don't share the same domain, their calendar visibility is not there and hence you can't mark such meetings as flexible.

We take a proactive approach here where our booking links nudge them to book time slots that are least disruptive to you. At the same time, we make sure they can easily book all time slots available to them.
4. Do I need my team to use Aerotime?
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Aerotime starts working with a single person onboard and keeps getting better as the team joins. "Flexible" meetings as marked by you, doesn't need the invitees to be on Aerotime to move it. We check their availabilities and working hours before moving a meeting and give at least a day's notice.
5. What meetings can be marked as flexible?
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To mark a meeting as flexible, following criteria should be met:

- Meeting is owned by you
- It is within your working hours
- There are no external invitees (external to your domain address)
6. How do you move meetings when my team is not on Aerotime?
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Google Workspace users within the same domain can see each other's calendar as free/busy for different time slots. Aerotime uses this information to figure out if your meeting invitees are available at the new time slot proposed. We also calculate likelihood of your invitees accepting the invite.

We only move meetings that are owned by you, marked "Flexible" by you and within your workspace domain.
7. How do I mark a meeting as flexible?
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Click on any meeting in your calendar and you will see an option to mark this meeting as flexible.
For recurring meetings, all recurrences are marked flexible.
Flexible Meeting Statuses. 
Green is ON
Grey means you can't turn it on or off. 
Red if off.