Be effective, not busy.

Group your meetings together, bring your tasks on the calendar and snooze distractions when you need to.
All automated.

Make space when there's none

Group meetings together to minimize context switching

Aerotime creates meeting stacks automatically.

It works for all use cases - Internal or external meetings, owned by you or someone else.

Get at least 10% extra space in your calendar for what's most important.

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Make space when there's none

Get invitee feedback on your meetings, anonymized.

Trigger a feedback loop on a meeting you own.

Your invitees can tell if the meeting was ineffective with reasons, all anonymized.

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Prioritize important over urgent

snooze pings, play music.

Snooze internal and external distractions

Aerotime temporarily snoozes Slack when you're in focus mode.

You also get music playlists that help you avoid internal distractions.


What the people say

Auto stacking meetings is brilliant. Juggling meetings, fieldwork & writing is way simpler with Aerotime.

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Feedback Loops pull me out of meetings where I'm not needed!

Aerotime helps me prioritize important over urgent. Love the tasks integration and focus time.

As an engineer, I want at least half a day with no interruptions to code. Aerotime automates that!

It is magical when my tasks appear on calendar at perfected times, still all in my control.

Aerotime helps in protecting my time with focus blocks and feedback loops.

Common questions

1. Do you ask me before moving the meeting?
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You're in full control. Only meeting you mark as "Flexible" move to better time slots within the day. We only move meetings with members of your company, after checking their working hours and availability. Attendees gets at-least one day's notice.
2. How do you solve for meetings with clients, customers and partners?
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As they don't share the same domain, their calendar visibility is not there. We take a proactive approach here where our booking links nudge them to book time slots that are least disruptive to you. At the same time, we make sure they can easily book all time slots available to them.
3. Do I need my team to use Aerotime?
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Aerotime starts working with a single person onboard and keeps getting better as the team joins. "Flexible" meetings as marked by you, doesn't need the invitees to be on Aerotime to move it. We check their availabilities and working hours before moving a meeting and give atleast a day's notice.
4. How do you move meetings when my team is not on Aerotime?
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Google Workspace users within the same domain can see each other's calendar as free/busy for different time slots. Aerotime uses this information to figure out if your meeting invitees are available at the new time slot proposed. We also check the past instances of these invitees accepting the meeting at the new proposed time.
We do this only for meetings that are owned by you and marked "Flexible" by you.
5. What are focus hours?
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Focus Hours are long uninterrupted time blocks that Aerotime creates in your calendar, for you. Use this time to do work that requires deep focus. We ask you the duration of focus hours per day needed, and optimize the calendar to make it happen.
6. How do you put deep work tasks on calendar?
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Aerotime goes through your prioritized task list and automatically puts them on calendar in strategic time slots where you're most likely to accomplish them. We still can't predict how much time a task would need, so we ask you that.
Since Aerotime can move meetings, it can actually create space in your calendar at places where you always wanted to accomplish your own tasks. This is a match made in heaven!
7. What about quick todos that needs to be done?
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When you don't add the time needed to accomplish a task, Aerotime considers it as a quick todo. It automatically creates a time block in your calendar for all your quick todos and the size of block can change based on todo load for the day!
8. What is flow state?
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Aerotime's goal is to help humans live life in flow, every day.

A flow state, also known as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by the complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting transformation in one's sense of time. (Source: Wikipedia)